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This Ott is very peaceful

This Ott is very peaceful

This Ott is very peaceful

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    This Ott is very peaceful
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    White hair as new
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2022-07-18 21:19:15
(with humanity, restore Showa classics with the plot.) teenagers who have passed through different worlds change because of the light in their hearts, learn from Saiwen to throw an ice axe, fight with Leo, get to know the Ott brothers, travel through all worlds and chase the darkness being homeless in a strange world, he can only regard this as his second home and keep fighting and guarding it... "no matter how powerful an enemy I encounter, I will never give up! I will never forget my previous training!" even if I fall down again and again, the boy will still stand up again "the setting sun is me! The newborn sunrise... Is also me --!" the man on one side raised his fist forward, and the pupil of the lion's heart glittered in the sun "Leo -!" 829715213 has built a Q group. The password of the group problem is "not lazy". We look forward to your presence.