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Return to the top of the competition

Return to the top of the competition

Return to the top of the competition

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    Return to the top of the competition
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    Running fried dough sticks
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    Daily Novel
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2022-07-26 15:05:58
The S1 season champion of the online game "forever robbing the abyss" the "leader of the prodigal party" suddenly retired after the game. As a game that detonated the whole network as soon as it was launched, everyone said they couldn't understand it the game God Li Yancheng is experiencing great changes in the real world after two and a half years, Li Yancheng is fulfilling his promise, but it is the betrayal of his first girlfriend that pays him back after retaliating against the dog man and woman, Li Yancheng set out on his own. Finally, in a familiar place, under the integrity offensive of his old friend Jiang Lin, the man opened his dusty game account. As soon as he went online, he immediately detonated the madness of players all over the network again it is also a familiar exercise and speed, or a passionate battle type online game take the competitive games of sword and magic as the prototype, and various systems such as replica, abyss, entertainment and PK as the main body.

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