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Shudder: the devil turned his head

Shudder: the devil turned his head

Shudder: the devil turned his head

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    Shudder: the devil turned his head
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    Suddenly indifferent
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2022-08-03 15:04:31
In the land of Dalai, he was lucky to be reborn. The magic seed was planted in the remnant soul in advance, and ye Yanjun became a chess piece on someone else's chessboard he had no choice but to practice for revenge. The higher the Tao, the stronger the evil intention. If you don't pay attention, you'll be doomed he has encountered the most difficult dilemma since his practice. Who is taking him into the devil's way step by step? Who is it? It's like God's help the trap of obsession, the illusion of nothingness the terror of ink and the flickering blade the two sides wrestled quietly. If ye Yanjun wants to uncover the secret, he must go out of a new way.

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