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Global sage Era

Global sage Era

Global sage Era

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    Global sage Era
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    Ink painting
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    Apple novel
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Xu Sheng went through the super fantasy super immortal Xia world where everyone can become a saint, master laws and condense Tao and fruit everyone has his own small world and the tribal people living in it leave behind, inherit, establish sects and open up the immortal dynasty [record]: you put in Reiki, and the chance of martial arts in the tribe increases by 300% [record]: your tribe's people are advanced to the barren level human beings [record]: there are Mahayana monks who survived the natural disaster among your people and obtained the special building [cave blessed land] [record]: you killed the innate gods and Demons and obtained the talent [ancient holy body] [heaven overlord body] [record]: your sect forged the immortal killing sword by refining the gods! [record]: you won the war with the crystal wall system and captured the Lord of glory suddenly looking back, when Xu Sheng conquered the endless world, plane and universe, he found that he had already won nature and become the Taoist ancestor!

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