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I have a date with the myth hero

I have a date with the myth hero

I have a date with the myth hero

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    I have a date with the myth hero
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    Gentle Ripper
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    Only Novel
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2023-05-26 13:42:29
And Sun Wukong, the great sage of Qi Tian, white peach blossom, the female emperor of Qingqiu, Cheng Yifan, the great emperor of Stardust, and Tu Shanhong moon, the female emperor of Shenyan. The chaotic yuan Zun, who is also called the "five great saints", reincarnated into a two cargo demon fairy, will create a legend in the world the ultimate holy green dragon, which has been sleeping for tens of millions of years, is sacred and inviolable, because it is the strongest originating beast and the ceiling of combat power in the six realms the strongest army wandering around is the undead army. They only obey the orders of the undead God the undead army wandering in the universe. They have no feelings and will only continue to destroy the legendary ten demon gods are resurrected. Who dares to fight them in the six circles he Gufeng, the blood demon who kills people without blinking an eye, has an extremely high IQ and strength. She is an extremely terrible king chaos yuanzun's sister has the most evil power in the world and is known as the most evil god the 19th ghost General of the new generation of combat ghost family in the underworld. They will never allow anyone to destroy the peace in the underworld

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