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I am the emperor of Xia

I am the emperor of Xia

I am the emperor of Xia

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    I am the emperor of Xia
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    Strange dream
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2023-05-01 10:37:40
In ancient times, there were 36 gods and 72 demons born in chaos in a war of gods and demons that lasted thousands of years, there were only 12 demons left in 108 demons the five gods established the five kingdoms in the world, and the seven demons were sealed under the earth ordinary people in the world can embark on the road of cultivation through the contract demon God gods and demons who have a contract for a long time can cultivate faster and live longer the demon God whose contract has died has a slow cultivation speed and a short life span the original of Jiang Yu's contract is the emperor of the great Xia Dynasty, one of the five gods twenty years ago, the emperor was robbed and died... on the date of the contract, he was bound to the God demon system if the God of the contract is dead, become God yourself!

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