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Soul world

Soul world

Soul world

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    Soul world
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    It's a new blue duck
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    Sky Book
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2022-09-20 15:15:46
Blue Star Youth reincarnation passes through the heaven soul continent. Everyone in the world can awaken the soul of martial arts, referred to as the martial soul. The martial soul has strong or weak, half the chance to inherit the martial soul of their parents or the combination and variants of the martial soul, and the other half the chance to awaken randomly. Evolution of Wulin: it can evolve by absorbing the spirit and medicine of heaven and earth or by swallowing other Wulin. Martial soul awakening: the awakening of martial soul is generally over the age of five. The specific time depends on the physical strength. Because the physical strength is too weak to bear the power of martial soul, the awakening of martial soul can embark on the road of cultivation. Absorptive capacity: every liter of a large realm can absorb the demon soul of the monster's head, and you can randomly obtain one of the monster's abilities. Generally, you can obtain the strongest or most special abilities of the monster. Talisman: mainly classified as Dan talisman, instrument talisman and array talisman. Realm: Martial Arts: body refining realm, xuanhuang realm, Dixuan realm, Tianyi realm, King realm (human king, Diwang, Tianwang), holy realm (Xuansheng, Disheng, Tiansheng), God Emperor realm, holy emperor realm, and Tiandi realm. Fu Dao: from one product to nine products, each product is divided into four levels: low level, intermediate level, high level and top level. Hostess: Mu Waner, Lengyan, Su Meier

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