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I don t want to be popular

I don t want to be popular

I don t want to be popular

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    I don t want to be popular
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    Rosefinch flying
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    Wine Novel
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2022-09-21 21:21:19
When Chen Chuan woke up in the rental house with a wealth of 7 billion, the real wonderful life had just begun from a hard pressed office worker to a billionaire, this is just the beginning. A big gift bag will be awarded every week. There are everything in it: super five-star hotel, office building, million mu manor, limited super run, authentic works of Shusheng, black science and Technology Industrial Park, aerospace engineering, 1000 heavy trucks, rich teams, land reclamation, desert oasis, red line of love... Chen Chuan: I just want to be a rich man quietly, not a protagonist pls: please be patient to see it on the shelf. There is a reversal in the back. If you are impatient, it is recommended to read it directly from the shelf: - d this book has no immortality, no super ability, pure urban shuangwen, and spend the early stage to discover a new world.

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