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Horizontal knife Taihang

Horizontal knife Taihang

Horizontal knife Taihang

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    Horizontal knife Taihang
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    Chivalrous writer
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    Bestcar read
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2023-03-08 10:40:52
I didn't mean to enter the Jianghu, but the world has changed the Hengdao leaps into the white horse in Taihang, making the old dream come true bear to see the wolf bullying all living beings, and the knife refers to the sunset Where is the blood stained cloth clothes home when you wash your temples with water by the river ask your son where to collect my bones, hold the green mountains and throw Kyushu when heroes are not young, how can they be scholars when drunk on the battlefield, the knife is still there, and the pen holder cuts the head off the neck the sun and the moon fall at twelve o'clock, and it is difficult to change a bowl of porridge when the paper is full ----- knight errant writer

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