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The alien world and its seven uninvited visitors

The alien world and its seven uninvited visitors

The alien world and its seven uninvited visitors

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    The alien world and its seven uninvited visitors
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    A low-key handsome man
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    Beauty Read
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2023-01-07 11:45:59
The world is endless, and the Milky way is vast just as human beings need mitochondria to provide energy, the universe also needs countless sub civilizations as many as stars to seek possible solutions. While the universe is aging, it is also urgently thinking about ways to deal with it. The extreme extension of self-learning is a relatively independent civilization system. The universe needs civilization to seek possible solutions for the continuation of its own life, Civilization also needs the universe to provide as much time as possible for its development at the macro level, and finally achieve a win-win situation therefore, as a last resort, no high God or cosmic will will allow the uncontrollable situation of "transgressor" to occur in their own jurisdiction, and even deliberately avoid the mutual communication between different civilizations but now, this balance has been broken the universe is facing an unknown huge crisis. When the impact of the disaster is greater than the adjustment range of the universe itself, a cross satellite emergency plan - crossing will be launched in the face of absolute disaster, more and more people place their hope on an insignificant blue planet, trying to use their last strength to get in touch with this planet before their will completely disappears but it was easily cut off by a more powerful force. Only seven scattered lights crossed the interstellar, carrying the last hope of countless civilizations

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