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After crossing, I became a waste

After crossing, I became a waste

After crossing, I became a waste

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    After crossing, I became a waste
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    Never shoot
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    Free Novel
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In the parallel world, the awakened one is the darling of God. After becoming a demon master, he is respected by people, because in this world, demons are rampant Qinchuan, an alien visitor a person who clearly has two spirits and has 23 soul orifices is called waste as a man for two generations, Qin Chuan has long been bearish. What are you fighting with a group of little children? To fight, nature is to fight with heaven his peers are still studying in school, but Qin Chuan has long been a demon master due to his task, Qin Chuan was unable to take the college entrance examination, but he entered the university through another way< Br> parents died in a strange way, Qin Chuan silently practicing, came to the parents' office before school, secretly investigation. Br > when Qin Chuan won glory for the country, this boy is a real dog and can hide. He finally shot today when he was my classmate, I knew that this boy was playing the role of a pig and eating a tiger Qinchuan became a powerful spiritual demon master, but when the enemy tried hard to break into Qinchuan, I found that Qinchuan's fist was harder the people who were beaten down by Qin Chuan lamented one after another. Who said he was a waste? This waste is invincible< br> ……

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