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Biography of the great king

Biography of the great king

Biography of the great king

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    Biography of the great king
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    Vegetable noodle balls
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    Light Novel
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2023-01-19 13:55:42
Each of us was looking for when we were born search, search, search for a vague soul, a resonance and a integrity we are carrying a mission, but no one cares, no one can practice and no one understands interstellar seeds: miss the alien, vaguely Ming some technologies beyond the times Old Soul: experienced and experienced, the world of mortals looks like an old man wanderer's Soul: rootless, rootless, wandering, knowing that the earth is not your hometown, knowing that there are a group of people connected to your real soul there is a wandering soul named Zhang Xihao, an old soul named Red King, and an interstellar seed named Gabriel and Rockefeller feather there is an idealistic love, and there are some families that have never spread search and mission are our starting point, the world is wasted, but what meets us is suffering.

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