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Xia Ji wandering

Xia Ji wandering

Xia Ji wandering

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    Xia Ji wandering
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    Don't ask Longtan
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    Free Novel
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2023-03-27 18:30:18
Looking at the scene in front of him, with figures jumping up and down, swords crisscrossing and vigor overflowing, Yi Sanlang was stunned and inexplicable, "this is martial arts!"< Br> looking at the flying figure waving, a terrifying and ferocious beast appeared out of thin air, and golden red flames burned between the claws and teeth to attack the enemy. Someone threw the sword in his hand, and immediately hundreds of sword shadows turned into entities, which were cut in the air by electric fire. Someone's body twinkles and arranges an array. The stars in the array are chaotic, the sword's snare appears, and the earth, water, fire and wind change. Others pinched and drank, and a huge image of their body in armor and halberd emerged Yi Sanlang was shocked: "is this also martial arts?!"< Br> "I want to learn martial arts!" Then Yi Sanlang was sent to the school to study. The teacher said, "there are hundreds of schools, and the road is endless. Cultivation is divided into civil and martial arts. The only way to enter the Tao is reading!"< Br> Yi Sanlang was numb: "a hundred families... Cultivate Taoism? Civil and military? Still need to study? Is this... Still martial arts?"

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