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The wind and cloud at the end of Wu Dynasty

The wind and cloud at the end of Wu Dynasty

The wind and cloud at the end of Wu Dynasty

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    The wind and cloud at the end of Wu Dynasty
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    Magic sword flying rainbow
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-27 18:28:19
Li Xiaowu likes to be the first in everything since childhood, and he is the first to learn to swim; The first one went hunting in the mountains alone; The first to hunt black bears; The first one to finish the team training assessment! Li Xiaowu joined the group practice not for money or other reasons, but because more people will compete with him in the group practice. Compared with him, he likes this feeling< Br> at the moment, Zhang Xiaowu is picking up a hunting bow and quiver from the table at home, slowly walking to the target in his yard, then turning his back to the target and walking forward. After walking 20 steps, he stops, turns around and faces the target, then bends down and grabs some dust and flies into the air, and then... There is no then< Br> the voice of Zhang Xiaowu's father came from the room: "Xiaowu, what's your nerve? Why are you raising your head? You're lost. Get the water quickly!"< Br> Qi Mingyi was carrying two bags of herbs and a kilo of pork in his left hand, and his right hand was inserted into his arms, and his hand was holding the remaining 129 silver coins. He kept such a strange posture and walked back to Qijia village eight miles away from Zhang county< Br> "Xiaoyi, what's the matter? Stomach pain?" Murakami said with concern< Br> "ah! No... ah, it hurts a little. It's all right. Uncle Zhou will be fine in a moment." after that, he hurried home< Br> Xu Fulin smashed the courtyard door of Xiaohong's house next door, "Uncle Hou, open the door, uncle Hou! I found a business student, and I really didn't lie to you! You said that I didn't raise birds and married Xiaohong to me when I found a serious business student. You can't lie!"< Br> the above content has nothing to do with this book!

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