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I directed the Xuanwu Gate incident

I directed the Xuanwu Gate incident

I directed the Xuanwu Gate incident

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    I directed the Xuanwu Gate incident
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    Fat oranges looking for pearls in the sea
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    Light Novel
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Wu De seven years< Br> the case of Prince Li Jiancheng, who caused a sensation in the Tang Dynasty, and Yang Wengan in Bingzhou conspired to rebel ended in an outcome that Li Shimin could never have imagined< Br> the Dragon chair on the Tai Chi hall seems to be getting farther and farther away< Br> "Mr. poverty relief, do you think I can go further in this life?" Lishimin looked at Xu Fenglei with longing in his eyes< Br> Xu Fenglei smiled and slapped him in the face< Br> lishimin: "!!!"< Br> "I told you 800 times to have confidence in yourself! You are the son of heaven!"< Br> Li Shimin covered the red marks on his face and smiled contentedly< br>……

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