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My wife is a reborn boss

My wife is a reborn boss

My wife is a reborn boss

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    My wife is a reborn boss
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    Why smile and forget Sichuan
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    Pc Books
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2023-04-18 04:22:18
Wu Qiong died unexpectedly. When he woke up, he found that he had crossed into the martial arts game Wulin and became a little beggar who was about to freeze to death the final boss of the fourth expansion in the game, the demon sect leader who will bring trouble to the world in the future, should be his confidant the final boss of the fifth expansion in the game, the leader of the right way who has not yet grown up, wants to put on a wedding dress for him looking at the two peerless women who fell in love and killed each other, Wu Qiong looked hopelessly at the black girl dressed as a man around him the girl folded her fan to cover her face and smiled sweetly she is the ultimate boss of the last expansion of the game and the peerless female emperor who will dominate the world in the future PS: in short, this is a relaxed and interesting story between a transgressor and several reborn bosses who love and kill each other while making things around. It's probably PS: the new book "sister has evil spirit" is recommended to you. It is also an interesting story. I hope you can support it~

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