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Honghuang II became a God

Honghuang II became a God

Honghuang II became a God

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    Honghuang II became a God
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    Jia Dage
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    Beauty Read
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2023-05-26 06:49:46
The six saints are missing. Who controls the flood and famine the year of the great famine is unknown, but there is a great disaster, twelve yuan in the first period and nine periods since the beginning of Pangu, there have been many disturbances, such as the fierce beast robbery, the Dragon robbery in the early Han Dynasty, the Taoist ancestor's demonstration of the Tao, the establishment of the holy throne, the Lich heaven, and the God robbery. I don't know how many mortals have become Taoists, the fall of the true immortal, even the only immortal in all circles, has the opportunity to enter and destroy now, after the ninth century, the emperor's throne is floating in the wind and rain. The six saints and Taoist ancestors are missing. They stay in the holy throne and hang high in the sky. The Taoist fruits are popular. There are great Luo people in the Zixiao palace, and the immortals are all over the sky it is for the sake of immortality I am the God of incense and fire. I ascend the throne of the emperor of heaven from afar. There are more wonderful things to help me. I can connect the heavens from the top and enter the world from the bottom. I can replace it later. I live in seclusion between the curtain and the back and become a saint once.

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