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From wilderness to Temple

From wilderness to Temple

From wilderness to Temple

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    From wilderness to Temple
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    Family cooking
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-23 08:45:02
At first, netizens joked that he was a "little expert in dismantling the house", and then joked that he was a "master of building a shed". But in the end, the pavilion with tenon and tenon structure made by him by hand was collected by the wood art museum representing the peak technology just when everyone thought that this should be the peak of his career, he was pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly found that he would have a lot of things. From outdoor survival in the wilderness to the six arts of the gentleman, everything is impossible and omnipotent. Simplicity is the legendary treasure boy in the face of these praise and recognition, he always writes lightly: "these are all life skills, and I only know a billion points!" (system flow novels, not through rebirth. With strong local flavor, interested book friends can collect and review!)

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