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Shenjiao martial arts

Shenjiao martial arts

Shenjiao martial arts

Rating: 9 / 10 from 27635 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Shenjiao martial arts
  • Author:

    Li Hongtian
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  • Source:

    Wind Book
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A witch's smile is like a peach blossom and her five fingers are like a hook, sucking up millions of protoss blood essence there are chivalrous female swordsmen who wield one arm and flick their fingers to smash the ancestral court of the fairy family some beggar in shabby clothes, holding a broken bowl, dare to rush to the Buddha Lingshan there are scholars who are thirsty for wine. When they are drunk, they carry lights and watch swords, and measure the mountains and rivers of the demon family on foot there is an old man sitting on the top of the mountain. He turns around and comes out with a peach blossom branch. The ghost family's reincarnation is torn apart... and that year, the mountain flowers were brilliant a young man quietly moved his soul, came to his body, talked about Tao and spread martial arts all over the world rise at the end of martial arts and shine at the peak of Tao the protector has splendid mountains and rivers this is the story of a young man who made friends with the world with his soul and God and cultivated a human martial arts giant!

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