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That s a great choice

That s a great choice

That s a great choice

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    That s a great choice
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    September fire closure
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    Happy Read
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2023-05-16 07:03:36
[option 1: kneel down and get back together, and you will get the sunflower classic] [option 2: kiss her and you will get the jade girl Heart Sutra] [option 3: turn your face right away and break up immediately. You will get Beiming magic skill] - the seal of different dimensional space-time is broken, alien creatures invade on a large scale, demons sweep across the sky, the city is occupied, and the Terran crisis [choose one: wake up, hunting time! Kill no less than ten martial Saint level alien leaders, and you will get the supreme blood: ancient holy body] [option 2: go with the tide and stay calm! In the face of an alien race, choose to muddle along, and you will get the congenital nature pill] [option 3: small quantity is not a gentleman, non-toxic is not a husband! In the face of fierce aliens, capture the humanoid martial saint and sacrifice the aliens to survive, and you will get "Magic: stealing heaven and changing the sun"] Chen Luo: "I'll choose one!" wake up, hunting time... through gaowu world, Chen Luo started a new journey from choice!

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