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White Wutong. CS Glory comes to extinction, and extinction begins with glory. Some people say this is reincarnation, but some people don't believe it Bai Bo is one of those people. Just as Bai Bo was about to make a bold voice, a figure came out of the window. Before knocking on the door, the voice came: "big brother, second brother, he bullied me."
Unparalleled Heroes

Unparalleled Heroes

New moon 78 Huaiqing loutouhua, Baixia bridge wine do you know how to kill a young man while drunk the northern expedition of the Southern Song Dynasty brought chaos and disputes in the Jianghu the second young man wields his sword in the Jianghu, with picturesque rivers and mountains. There are many heroes at one time.
Demon sealing record of Heroes

Demon sealing record of Heroes

The black sheep of the Yang family Read more of my works on Wen's website!
Extraordinary ancestors

Extraordinary ancestors

Small Du Tanhua Although there is no martial ancestor in this world for a long time, I dare to call it the second cultivation system. Who dares to call it the first are you not satisfied with Xiuxian? Punch are you not satisfied with Buddha cultivation? Thump do you disagree with Confucianism? Beat monsters? All suppression as a protagonist, I don't deserve the chance I get!
Cang Conglong

Cang Conglong

Follow the evening wind The story of a contemporary otaku who ran across the Dragon falling event one with evil energy, internal skill, hard Qigong, Voodoo A world in full bloom let's see how the protagonist changes his life against the sky and creates his own era!!!

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